Apax rachète les écoles françaises du groupe Laureate

Apax rachète les écoles françaises du groupe Laureate

Cécile Peltier  |  Publié le 20.04.2016 à 18H27


Le géant américain Laureate va céder ses écoles françaises au fonds d’investissement Apax Partners, déjà propriétaire de l’Inseec. Le montant de cette vente, qui fait émerger un nouveau mastodonte de l’enseignement supérieur privé, n’a pas été communiqué.

Les cinq écoles mises en vente par le groupe Laureate Education – EBS, ESCE, ECE, IFG et CEPC – vont passer sous pavillon français. Le leader mondial de l’enseignement supérieur privé a annoncé, le 19 avril 2016, la signature d’un accord de cession de sa filiale française à Apax Partners. Le fonds d’investissement français refuse pour l’instant de communiquer sur le montant de la transaction, qui doit être finalisée d’ici à la fin juin, après avoir reçu le feu vert de l’Autorité de la concurrence.

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ITT Educational Services Files for Bankruptcy After Shutdown

ITT Educational Services Files for Bankruptcy After Shutdown

Dawn McCarty  Shahien Nasiripour
September 16, 2016 Updated on September 17, 2016

ITT Educational Services Inc. began liquidation proceedings in an Indianapolis bankruptcy court Friday after closing 136 technical schools, leaving over 35,000 students stranded in one of the largest college shutdowns in U.S. history.

The 50-year-old for-profit college operator, which had campuses in 38 states, said it was forced to close its doors after the U.S. Education Department demanded a steep increase in the security the company would have to post to guarantee federal student aid. More than 8,000 employees were affected by the shutdown, with the majority losing their jobs, Carmel, Indiana-based ITT said. The company announced this week that it would cease all operations Friday. Continue reading

The Clinton For-Profit College Standard ITT’s biggest mistake was not putting Bill Clinton on the payroll.

The Clinton For-Profit College Standard
ITT’s biggest mistake was not putting Bill Clinton on the payroll.


Sept. 6, 2016


ITT Technical Institute folded on cue Tuesday after the Obama Administration issued a regulatory death warrant last month. ITT investors must be wishing they had ponied up for political protection like Laureate International Universities, the for-profit college that paid Bill Clinton $17.6 million to serve as its “honorary chancellor.”

ITT’s decision to close all of its 130 some campuses—stranding 40,000 students and 8,000 employees—comes after the Education Department barred new enrollees from tapping federal aid, delayed loan reimbursements and raised its collateral by $153 million. ITT had a mere $78 million on hand at the end of June and no way of meeting the Administration’s cash demand. Continue reading

ITT Technical Institute’s Closing Leaves For-Profit College Industry Struggling To Survive

ITT Technical Institute’s Closing Leaves For-Profit College Industry Struggling To Survive

SEP 7, 2016



The announcement yesterday that ITT Technical Institute, with some 130 campuses and 40,000 students, was abruptly closing made page one in leading newspapers across the country, and is a major milestone in the Obama Administration’s war on for-profit colleges and universities. The ITT closure joins that of Corinthian Colleges last year, leaving a once vital and important segment of American higher education struggling to survive. Can the remainder of the industry last the 135 days or so until this administration is out of office? If Hillary Clinton is elected, will she continue to try to wipe out the vestiges of a once vibrant contributor to innovation in higher education? After all, husband Bill allegedly collected $17.6 million from a for-profit provider to serve as its bogus “chancellor”—will the potential of some future kleptomania keep the Clintons from doing to the for-profits what Attila the Hun did to the Roman Empire? Try to finish it off? Or, will Trump save the day? Continue reading

The ITT Fraud: For-Profit Education and the Crisis of the Commons

The ITT Fraud: For-Profit Education and the Crisis of the Commons




The rapid decline of the ITT for profit-college may represent a pivotal moment in modern history, as seen in rising challenges to predatory capitalism. ITT is in deep trouble, subject to numerous lawsuits, from the Securities and Exchange Commission and Consumer Finance and Protection Bureau (CFPB) for defrauding students. The con that is for-profit education is finally being exposed, and these “higher learning” institutions are increasingly recognized for their rapacious treatment of students. Within this context, the Wall Street Journal seeks to reframe the attack on ITT as the work of the big, bad government, which is committed to stifling the liberties inherent in private enterprise. Contrary to the paper’s propaganda, however, the narrative of for-profit colleges as a beleaguered David facing the onslaught of a brutal government Goliath bears little resemblance to reality. Continue reading

How ITT Tech Sold Itself To Students

How ITT Tech Sold Itself To Students


‘You’re Dealing With A One-Call Close:’ How ITT Tech Sold Itself To Students


Before he moved to Miami, Waltter Teruel sold antiques and life insurance in New York. Working as a recruiter at ITT Technical Institute in Hialeah was a welcome change. “I mean, if you’re a salesperson, you have to lie through your teeth,” he said, “but in this case, it’s one of the sales where you actually don’t have to lie at some point.”

Everything ITT students need to know now that the for-profit school has closed

Everything ITT students need to know now that the for-profit school has closed
By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel September 7
The Chantilly, Va., campus of ITT Technical Institute sits closed and empty on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016. (Photo by Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)
The abrupt closure of ITT Technical Institutes on Tuesday left 35,000 students without degrees that many took on debt to complete. None of the options available to those students are simple and each comes with its own set of drawbacks. Continue reading

Scrambling for Options

Scrambling for Options
With ITT Tech headed toward possible collapse, its students begin weighing whether to transfer or to seek to have their federal loans forgiven.
September 1, 2016
Ashley A. Smith

When Corinthian Colleges collapsed last year, the for-profit chain’s students suddenly found their classroom doors locked. Students at ITT Technical Institute now face similar worries as it looks like the end of the road for the for-profit institution and its 130 campuses.
Last week, after years of investigations, the U.S. Department of Education banned ITT Tech from enrolling new students who receive federal funding while also increasing financial oversight with several measures. This week ITT posted a notice on its website stating it was no longer enrolling new students. Continue reading

Hillary Blasts For-Profit Colleges, but Bill Took Millions From One

Hillary Blasts For-Profit Colleges, but Bill Took Millions From One

“If they load students up with debt for programs that don’t lead to good paying jobs, students and taxpayers should not be the only ones left holding the bag,” said Clinton in a campaign speech in New Hampshire.

She has also slammed her opponent for the problems at his namesake school. Said Clinton, “[Donald Trump] is trying to scam America the way he scammed all those people at Trump University!”

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