Laureate Education IPO Gets An ‘F’

Laureate Education IPO Gets An ‘F’

Jan. 31, 2017 2:10 PM ET

Nicholas Durante


Laureate Education is set for an IPO which can raise them over $550 million.
The company faces high debt in a tough industry.
Suffocating debt combined with signs of declining revenue are reasons to skip this IPO.
I wrote an article back in October of 2015 about the Laureate Education (Pending:LAUR) IPO here. While I was bearish on the company when I wrote that article not much has changed. However, since the IPO is only a couple days away I thought I would take the time to reiterate my concerns.

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Laureate Education is inching closer to its IPO Baltimore

Laureate Education is inching closer to its IPO

A pair of SEC updates from the for-profit higher-ed company points to a new push toward going public.
By Stephen Babcock / REPORTER
More than a year after its first filing, Laureate Education appears set to move forward with its initial public offering (IPO).
The Harbor East-based for-profit higher-education company indicated in SEC filings in recent weeks that it is preparing to go public.

A December update to its SEC filing says the company will trade on the Nasdaq using the symbol LAUR. A second filing issued this week said it would offer 29 million shares priced between $17 and $20 per share. That would put the company’s raise at around $500 million.
Laureate, which owns for-profit universities in 25 countries, was a public company from 1993-2007. The announcement said this IPO is being offered in part to pay down its $4.2 billion in debt. Continue reading

Laureate Education launches FCPA probe into charitable donation

Compliance Week

Laureate Education launches FCPA probe into charitable donation

Jaclyn Jaeger| December 20, 2016

Laureate Education, a for-profit higher education institution, said that it is conducting an internal investigation into possible violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act concerning an $18 million donation that one of its network institutions made in Turkey to a charitable foundation.

“We believed the donation was encouraged by the Turkish government to further a public project supported by the government and expected that it would enhance the position and ongoing operations of our institution in Turkey,” Laureate Education stated in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Trump U Is Nothing Compared To Laureate Education

Trump U Is Nothing Compared To Laureate Education

Roger Stone


Hillary Clinton is excoriating Donald Trump over Trump University? The Clinton scandal at Laureate Education, a for- profit education chain of schools and colleges operating world-wide, including the United States is much worse. That New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is pursuing Trump University while ignoring CGI-University, a shady joint venture of Laureate and the Clinton Global Initiative adds insult to injury. Continue reading

A universidade brasileira num contexto globalizado de mercantilização do ensino superior: colleges vs. Vikings

A universidade brasileira num contexto globalizado de mercantilização do ensino superior: colleges vs. Vikings

Naomar Almeida Filho

Revista Lusófona de Educação, 32, 11-30

Este texto aborda dilemas políticos e institucionais que desafiam a universidade brasileira no contexto atual de crises, conflitos e acomodações nas sociedades contemporâneas. Inicialmente, apresenta-se uma releitura pessoal da história da instituição universitária no mundo ocidental e no Brasil, destacando
modelos de arquitetura curricular que polarizam o cenário internacional. Em seguida, avalia-se o crescente interesse do capital financeiro em investir em fusões e aquisições de empresas educacionais como movimento para transformar o ensino superior em bens e serviços, nos termos de acordos internacionais de
livre-comércio. Por último, analisam-se as perspectivas da universidade como instituição de conhecimento, num contexto de transformação da educação superior em espaço de negócios e mercado de valores e produtos simbólicos.

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